Through GRS (Global Recycled Standard), COMERPLAST certifies and guarantees recycling ran in their products.
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Through GRS (Global Recycled Standard), COMERPLAST certifies and guarantees recycling ran in their products.
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“Vegan fashion and recycled stomp”

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Comerplast team is grateful to the newspaper Información visibility has provided us with the article published last February 9, 2020, highlighting the importance of sustainability in the auxiliary footwear industry. We show some of the statements made by Joaquín Román on the evolution of the tissue recycled Comerplast.

“The demand for sustainable items alicantinas pushes companies shoemakers and the auxiliary sector to replace part of their production by microfibers, PET plastic and cotton reused”

The transformation towards sustainable fashion should not be applied only on new materials and the final product, but also should be applied throughout the process, even from the beginning, with design, generating a circular economy where manufacturing residues can be reused.

An approach that also shares Joaquín Román, the veteran of the company ilicitana Component footwear sector Comerplast, to considering these new practices "can reduce industrial waste generation, We engages in the circular economy and can make a more sustainable activity '.

The introduction ofvegans materials; recycled cottons Used clothing; microfibers techniques, recycled pet or tissue, How do they affect the appearance of the fabric or shoe? "In nothing, the appearance is similar to that of a canvas aged or washed. It comes to look like a skin without being becausefinishes are given organic ingredients so that its appearance is that of a skin », explains Joaquín Román.

Product selection team managed by Comerplast.

“Comerplast, one of the best known companies ilicitanas the auxiliary sector and components for footwear began three years ago to introduce into their samplers materials from recycled plastic (PET) and recycled cotton garments worn. At present, also uses recycled fabrics from manufacturing scraps, a practice that can not generate waste in the sector. Vegan has certifications and recycled material guaranteeing traceability of the product, Roman added according Joaquin. And although the production cost can be more expensive up to 20%, the final price is similar to the current. ” Text taken from Diario Información February 9, 2020


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