The company

The company

Comer plast, integrated companies within the Group Donval, It has over 50 years experience in the commercialization from synthetic Y tissues, offering to the market a very huge different products to satisfy the customer's specific requirements.

Comerplast, is committed to innovation and development of new fabrics investing in the latest technology always looking for the best quality.

At the beginning focused only in the footwear market, we have developed new products to supply other industries such as upholstery, leatherwork goods and folder stuff industry.

  • More than 4.000 m2 infrastructure.
  • Extensive range of products, more than 500 references.
  • Annual production of more than 800.000 meters.
  • Presence in 5 continents through representatives and distributors.
  • Exclusive materials.

Comerplast has a design and development department where they made the most exclusive fabrics for our customers. We collaborated with the Technological Institute of Elda, INESCOP, specialists in innovation and technology, this guaranteeing the quality of our products.

Comerplast has a Showroom where our customers can visit us and get the latest fashion knowledge. We will be happy to advise you and advise you from experience.

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