Recycled fabrics
Recycled fabrics

Recycled fabrics

PET recycled is made from plastic bottles which are collect form the containers distributed throughout the national territory. Once this plastic is collected, it´s selected and crushed, giving place to the thread for, finally, obtain the final recycled product.

PET is characterized by being a material of high resistance to wear and corrosion, with a high coefficient of sliding, it is also a material very resistant to thermal changes and compatible with other materials that improve his quality.

Why is recycled polyester better?

Fabric recycled PET has the same technical performance performance than the virgin polyester but with a lower environmental impact. Recycled polyester doesn’t require the same energy for his manufacturing and therefore the use of petrol and the Co2 emissions are reduced.

By consuming PET recycled products you collaborate with a Re-consum and reduces the aggression to the environment..

PET recycling
Global awareness

PET recycling

Each time people is more aware about environment problems and climate change, therefore the waste thrown into the seas there be more and more swamped of plastic. Fashion needs to be sustainable respecting the environment, recycling plastic , or fabric waste for save energy, water and reduce the Co2 emissions to the atmosphere. Comerplast has sustainable articles, produced from 100% recycled fibers .. Using technologies that respect the environment, we give a new life, to textile waste and plastic bottles; thanks to that we have available recycled cotton and polyester, which comply with the most demanding standards. Our finished articles can be washed without shrinkage problems.

Our recover articles are free of harmful substances and pass the recommendations of ZDHC and Reach Compillance. In 2017 Recover has saved more than 43,100 million of liters of water, 60.7, million of CO2 emissions, more than 156 million kWh of energy, recycled more than 2.9 million textile waste, 4.4 million of post-consum PET bottles, saved more than 3.2 kg toxic chemicals products ,and 7.2 million in dumps space. Our articles offer to our customers a solution of their textile waste.

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