Through GRS (Global Recycled Standard), COMERPLAST certifies and guarantees recycling ran in their products.
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Through GRS (Global Recycled Standard), COMERPLAST certifies and guarantees recycling ran in their products.
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Footwear and Forrería

We manufacture and market a wide variety of tissues and synthetic for the industry footwear and forrería. More than 50 years of experience, Comerplast endorse as an excellent supplier, in which major firms rely sector. We analyzed the latest trends and new innovative materials are committed to always offering the highest quality and best customer treatment.

What fabrics for footwear has Comerplast?

In our catalog, You will find a wide variety of printed fabrics, smooth, coats, elastic, fabric with glitter ... a wide range of colors and textures, which can be customized. We also have the VEGANA certification the INESCOP. Prepare orders to the subway, how you want and advise you throughout the buying process.

Comerplast fabrics are ideal for making footwear for children and high quality footwear. We made sure to comply with regulations governing the use of chemicals in the treated tissue and try to make the least possible use of them. our special fabrics for footwear dan life sneakers, boots, ankle boots, espadrilles, house slippers and endless walking shoes with us every day.

Big brands have relied on Comerplast to create their collections.

exclusive distributors of the liner Cambrelle, a fabric designed for safety shoes for its high abrasion resistance.

How I can consult the catalog of Comerplast?

You can check our virtual catalog, where you can see a small sample of the available materials. Through You can apply for Tissue samples you need so you can see with your own eyes the color and the actual texture of the product, because we know that there is nothing better than playing a tissue to know its quality. And if you do not find what you are looking for on our website, we offer personalized attention to offer a display that suits your needs.


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