Leathergoods and CARPETERIA

leathergoods, or more commonly known as the creating bags, portfolios Y belts It is another specialty of Comerplast. We have a large collection of materials, in a wide range of colors and textures cutting, lining and document cases.

Our consultants specialized in the field advise you on which materials are most recommended by your needs, because not all materials have the same properties.

Does our section of Leather Goods and CARPETERIA materials of animal origin?

No. Comerplast has always been a company that has believed in the potential of tissues in the fashion industry He has never sold the skins of animal origin. We decided to create a line oriented fashion without involving animals, and so we have done over the 50 years has been in the sector Comerplast. We love fashion, we like the environment and we like to take care of him.

Some samples...

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