“Vegan fashion and recycled stomp”

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Comerplast team is grateful to the newspaper Información visibility has provided us with the article published last February 9, 2020, highlighting the importance of sustainability in the auxiliary footwear industry. Os mostramos una parte de las declaraciones que hizo Joaquín Román sobre la evolución del tejido reciclado […]

Comerplast get vegan certification

INESCOP shoe technology center certifies that Comerplast S.A. Tissue has classified as “VEGAN”, and that the main chemical nature of these articles do not correspond to fibers of animal origin, specifically haired skin, leather, that, wool or down.    

Comerplast, socio-collaborator OXIZONIA

A few weeks ago Oxizonia contacted us and told us about their project based on the reforestation of endangered forests by illegal logging. Illegal logging affects more than 70 countries, among them Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Indonesia, Philippines, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia and Peru. Collaborating with Oxizonia, maintenance aid, care and […]